I play keno almost every day. I play keno in the bus on my way to work, I play keno in my lunch break, I sometimes play keno while I am sitting on the toilet. From the outside it might look like I am addicted, but that is really not the reason. I play keno so often because it relaxes me.

I play keno to distract myself from my thoughts

My head is always running at 1000mph. I only sleep a few hours per night, ever since I was a young boy, and I am absolutely terrible at sitting still. I have been told by various people who know nothing about it that I have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism, obsessive compulsive disorder, simple attention deficit disorder. I am pretty certain none of them are right. I’m just a busy, restless person, just like someone else can be lazy. Still, even though I do not think there is anything wrong with me, I like to have something to make it easier for me to relax. I have tried various things through the years, with little success:

  • Reading;
  • Playstation and X-Box games;
  • Online Poker;
  • Meditation;
  • Writing.

None of them really worked out. I could only read for more than 5 minutes at a time when I was reading the most interesting of books. Playstation and X-Box worked too well, sometimes I wouldn’t sleep at night. Online Poker quickly became too expensive and too time-consuming, and it was hard to play when I just had a couple of minutes break. Meditation worked great when I actually did it, but I just could not keep going with it the way I needed to. And writing was disastrous, as my book of poetry and my 4 pages or so of a science-fiction novel would prove. Finally, I stumbled upon something which really works for me. While messing around with some online games, I stumbled across a site for games of keno one day. I did not really know much about the game, but it is really not complicated to learn. It is a lottery type of game, it is fast paced and it is all about luck. I expected to grow tired of it quickly but the speed of the game keeps me interested. I can play keno for just a minute or two at a time or keepplaying for an hour of more, and it keeps me busy. Sure, I know that it may not be the most useful way to spend my free time, but for me the alternative is to drive myself and other people crazy with my thoughts and energy, and when I play keno it really makes a huge difference.

How I play

I always play keno online. It would probably be an interesting experience to try it out in an Asian casino, but to be honest I think the online experience suits me better. I tend to play keno on www.letsplaykeno.com, where I can drop in and out of games as often as I like. You can choose from various games that all go at a good speed, you can see clearly what is going on and the bets can be small enough to stop me spending all my money, and large enough to keep it interesting. I have tried other ways to find keno sites but going through Let’s Play Keno is the best option for me nowadays because it makes it easy. And to keep my thoughts quiet, doing something simple, easy and no fuss is always the best option.

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